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Burning Sun with Golden Beam, Silver Moon with Softer Gleam


City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) is definitely a place of healing completely covered in prayer, love, and hope. It is amazing to see these kids rise up from the darkness and pain of what they’ve been through and learn to dream big, grow their minds, and love deeply. To see them be kids – adventures up a mountain, dancing to Mintse Bo, teen-talks in the moonlight – warms my heart. Jesus’ joy and humility flow out of them in their laughter and service to one another. I saw gentle Mary smile every day as she brought breakfast to the volunteers and helped Mama Salina in the kitchen. I saw sweet Moses help move chairs without being asked and care for his little brothers. I saw tall Enoch stand organize games and be a leader to other young boys. I saw kind Daniela pursue her dreams of becoming a soldier as a cadet at school. I saw compassionate Rhawnie practice her math and finish the year 4th in her class. I saw Isaac share what he learned in his devotion times with the other boys. I saw little spunky Abigail sing and dance her heart out for Jesus at church. I saw true love in the form of these children.





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