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God Answered My Prayers


On my third day at City of Refuge Ministry (CORM) I had the opportunity to go over to the school and meet with the kids.  I was so blessed by this experience in more ways than one.  My daughter’s class made their counterpart grade cards and various classes around the school signed a larger card.  All throughout my four days in Ghana my phone service had been disrupted and unreliable.  I took a chance upon delivering these items to the 3rd grade class and called my daughter not wanting to potentially miss an opportunity to connect these kids from so far away. Hearing their tiny voices thank each other and be appreciative of one another is a memory that will last a lifetime. 

Then the next day after much prayer about connectivity I went back to the school and my prayer was answered in the form of a teen girl named Asmau.  She is quiet and observant upon first meeting new people having to first get adjusted and comfortable which is strikingly like my own characteristics. After talking and just sitting in silence together for a while she asked if I could walk with her so we went on a miniature journey to the military training area to collect money on behalf of her mother for food delivered by Asmau before school started for the day which is something she often does for her mom who is revered as one of the best cooks in the area. 

Asmau wants to be in the military and is working hard now to attain that dream.  She wants to follow in her father (retired) and brother’s (active) footsteps and serve Ghana as her career.  She has such a gentle spirit that her presence and smile are ingrained in my heart!  The kids are so special between those from the surrounding towns who travel to the school and City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) you’d be hard-pressed not to have at least two children etched permanently on your heart.  I came to this trip in spiritual brokenness.  I felt as though I was so broken down I would lack what the kids needed but the way God works, he provided those babies to me to provide joy and laughter and I believe the Lord resides in joy. I came to the City of Refuge Ministries (CORM) broken and left so filled with joy, hope and faith that the love of the Lord was simply overflowing within my heart.

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