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I saw Christ through interactions with many children, teenagers and young adults. But one interaction I will never forget is with a young boy named Ezekiel who stole my heart. At first he seemed a little shy but as I sat with him I began to ask questions such as, “what’s your favorite color, what’s your favorite animal”, etc. Lime green and yellow where his favorite colors and his favorite animal(s) where horses, cows and pigs. In other words, livestock. Then I began to tell him about myself and the things I liked. One thing I told him was that I was afraid of spiders and roaches. So in reverse I asked him what he was afraid of. As he looked deeply into my eyes he said, “I am not afraid of anything.” And at that moment he had no idea how much he had impacted my life. Knowing the stories of the children and how they are rescued from child slavery is devastating. So to hear that this young boy  was not afraid of anything brought conviction to my heart to be fearless. He knew that God was his father and his protector therefore he had nothing to fear. Many times we let fear over take our minds and I’ll be the first to say that it had overtaken mine at the thought of traveling across the world not knowing anybody. But to know that even in the most darkest places in our life, God is still with us, is something that should make us all fearless. This boy forever changed my heart. Although I am still afraid of spiders and roaches, I do not fear anything in this world because I know who my protector is. He is the king of kings, The Lord of Lords and his name is Jesus. 








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